Our Treatment Philosophy

1. Every individual is unique. The treatment of any condition has to always be individualized.

2. Conditions of the mind affect the body and conditions of the body affect the mind. A disease or illness transcends the mind-body dichotomy.

3. Scientific rigor and evidence is vital to the practice of good medicine. So is clinical judgment and intuition.

When evaluating treatments it is important not to be dogmatic – any treatment, even if not originally from “western” medicine should be considered as an option, as long as benefits outweigh potential risks.

The higher the potential for harm (from a treatment), the greater should be the quality of scientific evidence.

Therapy must always have the person’s long term benefits in mind, and not just short term respite from the issue.

4. Health is more than the absence of disease. It is the perfect balance of mind and body, and is felt as the presence of peace, vitality, energy, and joy.