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Dr Shyam K Bhat MD is a
Psychiatrist and Integrative
Medicine specialist.

He is board certified in
Psychiatry, Internal
Medicine, and
Psychosomatic Medicine,
with additional certification
in clinical hypnosis


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Brief Encounters with the Zen Master #3

Q: What is my purpose? I do this and I do that but I don’t know what I really want do.

A: Follow your heart and you will find your purpose.

Q: Man, seriously? That’s all you got? That was my fortune cookie last week.

A: I found my truth in a hallmark card.

Brief Encounters with the Zen Master #1

Man: “My life sucks.”

Zen Master: “Your life is your creation.”

Man:”So you mean my life sucks because of what I did?”

Zen Master:”‘My life sucks’ is your perspective.”

Man: “You mean my life is awesome?”

Zen Master: “You could have that perspective if you chose.”

Man: “But you said that my life is my creation. Which is it – perception or creation?”

Zen Master: “What is the difference?