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Employees often struggle to perform at their optimal levels due to physical and emotional challenges: from overt depression and anxiety to far more subtle and insidious problems: cynicism, apathy, fatigue, and a sense of meaninglessness.

In several studies, these problems have been associated with loss of productivity, stagnation, absenteeism and compromised leadership. In the United States, it is estimated that emotional problems cost orgnaizations more than $300 billion dollars a year. Although there is currently no published data regarding this in India, our in-house research (Non-peer reviewed), in the Bangalore area suggests that organizations suffer equally on this side of the globe.

Unfortunately, emotional issues in the workplace are also fairly easily ignored, since the damage to the organization is not acute, or overt.

Furthermore, most corporate programs are often seen as a distraction or a welcome relief from the tedium of work, rather than as a genuine transformative experience.

Consequently, many executives have become cynical and resistant to most “stress management programs’ and other “soft skills training programs”.

It is with this background in mind that we at Nirvikalpa design and execute our training and consulting services.

Our mission is to achieve positive and measurable outcomes, and we do this through our combined expertise in psychology, organizational behavior, and human resource management.

Our corporate services include: